Things To Do While Your Husband is on a Date with a Younger Woman

  1. Noxzema mask facial
  2. Your nails
  3. Body hair maintenance
  4. Girly TV show marathons
  5. Drink wine
  6. Eat ice cream
  7. Drink wine while eating ice cream with Noxzema on your face
  8. Hang out with friends/pets/your kids
  9. Board games!
  10. Porn?
  11. Drink 32 oz of water
  12. Talk to random strangers on the internet
  13. Go on your own date!
  14. Obsessively count calories
  15. Masturbate (you can do this while wearing the Noxzema on your face. Noxzema masks are so awesome for your skin!)
  16. Facebook stalk anyone you like
  17. Fill out dating profiles
  18. Experiment with new hair and or makeup looks
  19. Enjoy long bath and a new book
  20. Do not do chores!!!
Lions, & Tigers, & Self Care

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