Married and Dating

The Mister and I have opened the relationship up. That’s right! We’re dating separately. It’s an experiment.

I have placed a few ads on Craigslist and made myself a separate profile on AFF. The influx of penis pictures on AFF is overwhelming, but I’ve managed to keep the cocks at bay in my email inbox by carefully constructing my ads.

So far I have met a drama-prone, self-described Chap-stick Lesbian I’ve been text-messaging, a Scientist Dude with whom I have a congenial email exchange, and a Slacker Dude I met on AFF chat who has not yet tried to show me his penis, but threatens to do so if I don’t declare the absolute genius of Bill Murray. Of course I have had many more interactions with people (the needy musician, the over-zealous cross-dresser, the aged hipster) whom have not made the cut.

I did receive an incredible picture of what I can only describe as Jesus with a Photoshop-enhanced man-chest. Unfortunately he went into the trash bin with many others.

I have yet to meet anyone in person, as I am still in the vetting process. I came close this evening, but Scientist Dude got stuck at work.

It’s hard to be a single married woman!

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