Not Super Into the Photo Sharing Thing

“We are committed and don’t care for too much drama.

We are not super into the photo sharing thing (we think most of the photos are actually fakes copied off the internet–although we do believe your photo, so thanks for being honest); but that can come with time.  We think it would be nicer to just meet folks in person and not be wondering just how photoshopped they are [or how much they thing [sic]  WE are! haha].  In any case, you can’t tell chemistry from a little photo, right?”
The above is a partial e-mail we received after we responded to an ad. We, of course, sent a clothed photo of ourselves that included our faces. We send pictures of ourselves to show that we aren’t serial killers and that we are, in fact, real people.
What I’d like to know, in this age of camera phones and Facebook, is who the fuck takes time to Photoshop themselves anymore? Sure, I took time to fix blemishes and make my hair colour stand out in the early 00s. Didn’t everyone? But the pictures people take these days are taken with little thought, then posted to the internet with even less thought.
People send us horrible pictures of themselves… this week alone we’ve gotten pictures of people in Affliction tees and polarized wrap-around sunglasses making duck-faces.
I’m pretty certain that those douches didn’t scour the internet to find the perfect douchey picture to represent themselves.
So, as for the people that sent us the e-mail… we didn’t respond. If they won’t send us pictures we won’t waste our time. We don’t meet people blind. Period. You can tell if there is any level of attraction from a photo. Sheesh.
What if they’re serial killers?!
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