The Couple that Plays Together…

Did your brain finish the thought in my title?

Mr. Amazing and I don’t play separately from one another because we enjoy seeing one another feel good. We love each other and dig on each other sexually.

But that’s not the entire reason we play together. We do it because we rarely meet people with whom we have connection enough to venture into that “next step” area of separate play and interaction. When we first meet a girl or a couple we’re a unit. We are individuals within that unit, but we’re a package deal. Like one? You have to take the other… and so forth. But when relationships develop and grow past the initial getting to know you phase of love/sex… we are separate in our affections for the other people and we each have different self-sustaining friendships with those people. 

G. is a long-time friend of mine. She’s someone whom I love and desire and such. A few years ago the Amazing family took a trip and she was gracious enough to provide us shelter for the night. Months later she came to visit us and we had a really sexy, affectionate weekend… G. and Mr. Amazing and I. 

This coming weekend Mr. Amazing is taking a trip to see a baseball team he likes and he’s going to stay at G.’s place. I’m hoping they’ll both have a fun, dirty time together.

Wait, but isn’t that separate play?

Yes, but it’s with someone I trust and he trusts. Mr. Amazing and G. have a friendship and talk regularly, more so than she and I speak. I’m horrible at friendship maintenance, but she knows I love her and desire her. I don’t feel like I have to constantly say, “G., I love you,” for her to know that. 

Therefore I feel completely comfortable saying, “G., take my husband… Please!”

But I have demanded dirty pictures. 


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