I Am the True Naughty American

We had an awesome date with a new couple this weekend!

It started with dinner, then moved back to our house for a game of True American with modified rules to encourage kissing if more than one person landed on the same spot. Then we played a game of War/Truth or Dare by the fire that sent the Mister and the other guy’s wife into the other room for 30 seconds of making out… during which time I totally made out with her husband. Then I was sent into the other room with the husband for 60 seconds for more making out.

And then the wife pulled me into the bathroom for a consultation.

You see, the couple that we met for dinner on Saturday night is new to the world of wacky, multi-partner sex. We met them on AFF about a month ago. At first we engaged in an e-mail exchange in which all parties were involved. Then we gave them our mobile phone numbers so we could all text for more real-time communication. They told us that they were interested in friendship and soft swap encounters, but have no actual experience.

The wife wanted to know how we started things, if we should put on a show for the men, if I was okay with everything that was happening, and if we were comfortable with being in different rooms. Normally this is a discussion that everyone has before meeting so that if something sexual starts happening everyone is on the same page. Well, we just didn’t get around to it. We really like these people as individuals and got caught up in talking about other aspects of our lives. We sort of forgot to have the Important Sex Talk before we got down to the naughty-naughty. It isn’t sexy to have the Important Sex Talk right before the sex is supposed to start happening, but sometimes that’s just how it works out. It also isn’t the greatest idea to have the Important Sex Talk with 50% of the people to whom the talk applies in the other room wondering where the pretty women went. Oh well.

I put on my Underpants Captain hat and handled that shit. I am nothing if not charming and reassuring. Yes, I told her, I was absolutely okay with everything.  No, I told her, we didn’t need to put on a show, but we could absolutely start kissing one another and see where things led.

A few minutes later she and I were kissing on the air mattress the Mister had set up by the fire. The Mister was behind me kissing my neck, her husband was behind her doing much the same. There were hands and hands and hands. Once I was satisfied that everyone was comfortable I, as the Underpants Captain, declared clothing unnecessary!

Really, once you get people stripped down to their underwear it’s only a matter of time before things are going to progress. Since they were soft swap and we knew they didn’t want to have intercourse with us, we focused on kissing and exploring with our hands. Fingering and cunnilingus were definitely on the menu Saturday night.

Here are some of my favourite naughty moments:

  • Getting roughly fingered by the husband while I was blowing my Mister, and hearing the wife tell my Mister that she had told her husband to do that
  • Kissing the wife while she and I were getting fucked
  • The husband holding my leg back while my Mister fucked me

Obviously it was a very long night of sexventure… but there is one moment that stands out among the rest:


I won the first game of True American.


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