What If We Were Just Honest?

This morning the Mister was doing the digital check for potential wacky sex, which means he was logged into our anonymous Yahoo! e-mail account, AFF, and OKCupid. We have not really checked our Plenty of Fish account in a while. *makes a note to do that*

…and we’re back!

OKCupid sends “Quiver Matches” to our e-mail every few days. These are basically brief summaries of profiles that match our own profile settings on the site. The e-mail comes complete with pictures and blurbs about potential mates.

That’s really how it all started this morning. There we were, looking at our “Quiver Matches”, and there she was… the weird looking gal (? still debatable) in a goofy hat and a scarf. Oh the judgement, how it flowed.

What if we were just honest?

What if we sent messages to these people comprised of nothing but the comments we make when we see their pictures?

It would look a little bit like this:

She’s cute. Fucked up nose though. I like her bangs. Oh, she’s a big girl! She’s cuter in that last picture.


Or like this:

I bookmarked this profile for you because she looks kind of like Hannah Harto.

It’s Hanna Hart. She’s like a more butch Hanna Hart. Less pretty.


Or… this:

She’s got trashy eyebrows. She’s cute though. Yes, but her eyebrows and selection of top say, “I’m trashy.”

I Googled her. Here’s her Facebook. Oh, that’s the same picture. How many kids do they have?

I don’t know, but I found her on this Anita Blake message board too. Ohhh. Trashy supernatural smut! I’ve read some of the Anita Blake books. Anita Blake is, like, a detective or something and every other page she’s having a twelve-way with some werewolves and changelings. 

That girl has to stop over-plucking her eyebrows.


I recently watched Laci Green’s “5 Tips for Self Esteem” in which she very lovingly advises humanity to stop judging people, because once you stop judging others… you stop judging yourself. Laci Green is a smart cookie, but there’s just one problem- judging people is entertaining!

Judging people is especially entertaining when you don’t know them, will never speak to them, and they will never know they’ve been judged.

I see Laci’s point. I absolutely know that if I stopped looking at people and summarizing them in my head based solely on appearance I would feel better  about my own appearance.

But where is the fun in that?


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