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Tonight we’re meeting that couple I mentioned earlier this week. We’re going to their home at 9, after their kids are in bed… which displeases me to no end. I truly don’t understand why it’s so tough to get a babysitter. Honestly, it shows me that they just don’t want to waste the money on us in case we don’t “work out” in some way.

Since we do technically have a date tonight we have each engaged in our normal dating preparation. He has freshly shaved his junk, and I will be doing my own landscaping in just a bit. I think it’s funny that we spend so much time on our personal grooming for the benefit of others, especially others with whom we won’t be messing around. Not tonight, at any rate.

Genital grooming when you aren’t going to have sex is like shaving your legs and then wearing slacks and wool socks out on a date.

Yes, yes. I keep my shit in relatively orderly condition. Every few days I’ll put myself through the interesting task of genital hair removal. If anything it’s a good stretch. I keep meaning to wander into the world of waxing, but it’s pricey and somehow the idea of attacking my genitals with a razor is less horrifying than putting hot wax on my genitals. Hot wax on my tits? Absolutely. On my vulva? Nuh uh… no.

This morning I got curious about pubic hairstyles, so I typed just that into Google. Not surprisingly someone is running a blog called Pubicstyle. I’ve literally been looking at pussy for the past 45 minutes. Literally. There’s even a quiz about European actresses and their lady-hairstyles.

Over the years I have developed a liking for men who shave. It’s aesthetically pleasing to me, and it makes blow jobs so much nicer. With women… I like some hair. I think my favourite lady-hairstyle is shaved labia with a trimmed tuft of hair up top. I don’t like landing strips, they aren’t soft and nice. Pubic hair has to have enough length to it to curl properly so it doesn’t stab you in the eye or destroy your facial skin when you’re going down on a woman. One’s lady bits should look lovely and as if they were just made that way, mostly hairless with a little mop on top.

But I’m an equal opportunity sort of gal. If I am attracted to a woman, it doesn’t really matter what’s going on down there so long as it’s clean. Finding she grooms is just a bonus.


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