We’re meeting a new couple this weekend for mutual sizing up. We were actually supposed to get together with this couple over two years ago, but they invited another couple over as well. We were sketched out by the presence of Stranger Danger Couple X, but then it was just the male half. So this couple and this guy(?)…. were inviting us over for play. A MMFFM? Crazy!


Here is my text conversation with the Mister:

Him: “Last time with them, there was this weird thing with another couple that was supposed to be there, then it was just the dude.”

Me: “Right. I remember that.”

Me: “Maybe there will be midgets this time!”

Him: “I’m half expecting Saturday evening, suddenly the wife wont be there for some reason.”

Me: “Boobs or I’m not going.”

Him: “Totally.”

Me: “Well… midgets… maybe as good as boobs.”

Him: “Nope, not close.”

Me: “My phone just made a suction cup sound out of nowhere.”

Me: “I just blogged our text conversation.”

Normally, we’d meet for dinner or drinks in public, but these people have no childcare (even though they lied and told us they did in their response to one of our various Craigslist ads.) We are going over to their house after their kids go to bed. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel comfortable engaging in any kind of wacky sexventure knowing that their are innocents sleeping nearby. Yes, we have children. No, we don’t mess around with other people when they’re home.

Plus side… the wife is super sexy.

Why oh why are almost all men in the “swinger/group sex” world big and beardy? If they’re not big and beardy they’re bald and alterna-beardy.

Can anyone explain this to me?

Midgets… Maybe As Good As Boobs

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  1. […] we’re meeting that couple I mentioned earlier this week. We’re going to their home at 9, after their kids are in bed… which displeases me to no […]

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