How Open Relationships Can Make People Happy | Alternet

How Open Relationships Can Make People Happy | Alternet.

-A quick and interesting read. I especially like this paragraph, even though the study is specific to gay couples:

Surprisingly, jealousy was also less prevalent in non-monogamous relationships because it is “more manageable … and is experienced less noxiously.” Because both partners established the boundaries of their partnership in advance, there was less reason to feel threatened by other men.”

My husband and I don’t have an open relationship mostly because of me. I’m not entirely comfortable with either of us dating outside of the marriage. It’s far more fun to have variety and relationships together. But that does not entirely cancel out this study’s application in the world of polyamory. I think that sharing our wacky sex experiences with one another promotes a closeness that would not otherwise be present.

I am a very jealous and insecure person, both faults that I am constantly battling to overcome… and I know that my ability to love more than one person is something that helps with that. I am blessed to have found a partner in life who is of the same mindset.

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